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About Grace Hospice

Prairie Village residents, Steve and Laura Parkey founded Grace Hospice of Kansas City in 2003 with the goal of providing family oriented care for patients and families facing end-of-life care issues.

The Kansas City Metropolitan area has been dominated for years by large regional and national hospice organizations that answered to management with no connection to Kansas City. Grace Hospice has changed this trend.

Since the management of the agency is local as well as the professional staff including Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers & Chaplains, decisions regarding admissions, plan of care changes or special requests from patients or families are addressed quickly. The staff feel as though they are truly working as a team taking care of their neighbors in our community.

No matter how the patient is referred to Grace Hospice - self-referred, physician, hospital discharge planner, nursing facility staff, public administrator or family member, they will talk to a Grace employee who’s job it is to ensure that person is fully informed about not only hospice care but other end-of-life care issues as well such as nursing home placement, in-home care options, medications and medical equipment.

Our goal is simple; honor the wishes of our patients and families in this time of life’s most important transition.

Grace Hospice is well staffed with specially trained physicians and nurses to address physical symptoms and pain. We also specialize in the other types of pain that patients often face at the end-of-life and that is spiritual and social pain. Spiritual and social pain can be more debilitating than physical pain especially for those patients who are in the last stages of a terminal illness. Our Chaplains and Social Workers are devoted and specially trained to help patients and families put to rest those issues that result in spiritual and social pain.

If you wish to hear more about the services that Grace Hospice provides, please call 816-444-4611 or toll free at 866-878-4611. We can arrange for a hospice nurse to telephone or visit you or your loved one to explain in detail the hospice benefit and offer advice on healthcare choices. Grace Hospice is ready to listen.

To learn more about the services Grace Hospice provides, please call:

Kansas City
toll free: 866-878-4611


toll free: 800-396-7778

We can arrange for a hospice nurse to telephone or visit you to explain in detail the hospice bennefits and offer advise on health care choices. We are ready to listen and provide end-of-life care during this time of life's most important transition.

our goal is simple